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Are you a social science student in Twente or surrounding areas and looking for support? TutorTwente can help you out in English, Dutch or German. Do you need support in APA or SPSS? Are you in a hurry? Or are you simply looking for someone to share your ideas with? Feel free to contact me for more details.

  • Support in diverse courses: Research, HRM, Psychology, Statistics & Business

  • TutorTwente works conform APA guidelines in English, Dutch and German

  • Thesis supervision in higher education, from the start to the very end

Who is TutorTwente?

  • Darcie Hudson

    International HR Manager at EuroDev - European Business Development Group - Boris was my teacher during my time studying International HR Management at Saxion. He coached me during my thesis on leadership and taught me about technology and design in the workplace. Boris has a very natural way of teaching which made him very interesting to learn from. He is also very interested in the perspective of others with a keen interest to shape it into developmental learning. He takes time to help people and is always very honest and fair when giving feedback. I experienced his knowledge in the area of research, psychology and philosophy very advanced. It was great to have met & learnt from Boris as he played a key role in the success of my thesis & final defense.

  • Davide Zubiz

    HRM Student and Community Marketing Manager at Saxion University of Applied Sciences
 - I had the opportunity to have Boris as lecturer for some of the courses of International Human Resource Management. He often preferred to deliver his lectures in an interactive manner, making sure that everybody in the class was both constantly involved and building up with personal reflections on the entire group's learning process. I truly enjoyed Boris's dynamism, with which he pushed us to speak up and stand for our ideas, even when those were controversial or out of our comfort zone. Overall, I enjoyed the freedom anc chance I had to approach several subjects from another, fascinating, point of view.

  • Tom Puper

    Commercieel adviseur personeelszaken bij Flexvisie - Als HRM-student heb ik in verschillende HR-vakken les gehad van Boris, waaronder financieel-HRM. Hoewel het vak een uithoek van de opleiding is en weinig populariteit genoot, maakte hij de financiële kant van HRM interessant door de dagelijkse actualiteit in het klaslokaal te brengen aan de hand van nieuwsfeiten en documentaires. Er staat iemand voor je die je niet alleen meeneemt in de basistheorie en je ''het trucje voor een goed cijfer'' leert maar ook het verhaal erachter probeert over te brengen. Zowel zijn manier van lesgeven hebben als zijn enthousiasme hebben mij geholpen om de stof eigen te maken en het vak met succes af te ronden.

  • Alina Savchenko

    International HR Graduate Student - I was lucky to have Boris as a lectures for several subjects as a part of International Human Resource Management program at Saxion University. I was always looking forward to his lectures as their content was very interesting, thought-provoking and educational. Not only Boris is higly educated and skilled in both his occupational field and general knowledge, but he also tends to look beyond the surface, challenging himself and others to gain a better understanding and view of matters. Boris is an intelligent, creative person, with the striking view on the world and society. He is very respectful and caring towards students and there is no power distance when approaching him for whatever reason. Boris is very friendly, always ready to help in both study and personal issues. This makes the communication and cooperation with him very pleasant and enjoyable.


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