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Boris and I are collaborating as guest lecturers at the Thomas More University in Geel, Belgium for the past 5 years. He can easily make contact with students and is an excellent facilitator of learning in fields related to research and social work.
Alida Herbst
Associate Professor
He constantly provided me new perspectives and offered many helpful hints. With his support I was able to write a successful bachelor thesis with a well structured approach. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Katharina Schürmann
International HRM

He was able to find a way of explaining and supporting me and my fellow students in a way that worked best for us. His personal approach in lecturing is something I wish to see in more teachers/professors.
Lotte Ten Vaarwerk
Social Work Student
Boris and I worked together on bringing young HR professionals up to speed with digital HR tech. Boris showed himself as an interested up beat initiator of these courses, passionate about broad ranging subjects such as blockchain. In teaching International Management accountants on my behalf, he was appreciated as a warm inspiring HR mentor. Pleasure to work with Boris!
Arthur Janse
Business Developer
He always took his time to explain and discuss things with us, even when the class was over and it was his personal time. Not every teacher takes their time and shows actual concern for what students have to say, therefore I am sure many of us really appreciated that in him. I hope he always remembers this and continues to inspire others!
Dary-lienn Croes
International HRM student
In class Boris would always challenge us to bring in a new dimension, he would encourage us to think critically and have fun with the projects we were working on! I was very grateful to Boris when he stepped in to mentor me during my internship, we was a very good person to battle ideas out with and discuss life and the choices we make. Boris is very approachable and works hard to ensure that his students know he wants to invest to him! Boris himself shows his eagerness to learn by developing himself.
Kristy McGovern
International HRM student